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CEO and Executive Staff Coaching

Successful leaders are always learning and developing not only themselves but others around them.  CEOs often bear the stress of having to have all the answers and sometimes make decisions in isolation.  NextGen NPO’s provide CEO and Executive staff coaching to assist with improved performance, goal attainment, improved leadership, increased motivation and focus, enhanced relationships and reduced feelings of isolation.


Board Development and Training

Did you know that Board members have a legal responsibility to your organization?
Let NextGen NPO’s train your Board on their role and responsibilities in properly supporting your organization’s mission and fiduciary oversight.


Fundraising for Annual, Capital and Endowment Campaigns

Every nonprofit organization must fundraise to ensure sustainability and growth.  Whether it is annual campaigns to support operations, capital needs that require new investments, or endowments to support long term sustainability, NextGen NPO’s can assist with your fundraising plans, processes, systems and/or personnel.


Feasibility Studies for Capital Campaigns

Successful capital campaigns require a strategic and methodical approach to ensure their success.  The proper due diligence is required and often times more detailed and objective information may be captured by an independent third party.  Let NextGen NPO’s set your organization up for success with your next capital campaign.


Financial, Operational and Program Analysis

Is your organization doing the same thing it’s always done but expecting different results?  Are your programs relevant and impactful?  How diverse are your revenue streams?  Are you too reliant on one or two sources of income?  NextGen NPO’s will seek to understand your business, operational and program models and appropriately challenge your status quo.


Strategic Planning

Every non-profit needs a mission, vision, values and a roadmap to what it hopes to achieve.  Your strategic plan should be your guide to get to where you want to go.  It creates alignment, objectives, accountability and ensures the allocation of resources and personnel to ensure organizational success.  It’s your CEO’s scorecard for quantifiable performance.  NextGen NPO’s can assist your staff and Board in developing a robust plan that will keep your organization on track to achieving long-term success.


Free Consultations

Contact NextGen NPO’s today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Custom Tailored

NextGen NPO’s will customize their services based on the unique needs of your nonprofit organization

Research and Analysis

Is your organization and team doing the same thing hoping for different results? Let NextGen NPO’s provide a fresh perception on your business model.

Expert Opinion

Next Gen NPO’s Consultants have 20+ years of experience and can offer a professional opinion to your Board and staff from a respected 3rd party perspective.

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