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Our Philosophy

Nonprofit organizations are mission based, social service, charities defined by the IRS as 501 © 3 organizations. They all must fulfill their missions, provide measurable impact, and be financially sustainable.  However, nonprofits are also businesses.  They must operate under the same principles and characteristics of for-profit business.  

The entire nonprofit landscape is changing rapidly before our eyes. The increase of competition from similar charities, attracting and retaining donors and staff, earned vs. contributed revenue streams, sustainability and relevance, are all examples of a multitude of factors that make running a nonprofit organization more difficult than it’s ever been before.


NextGen NPO’s Consulting Group, LLC was founded in 2022 by Ryan Smiley after a 20-year career leading large nonprofit organizations.  Ryan believes that all nonprofits must challenge their outdated business and operating models and flip the script on their approach to ensure growth and long-term sustainability.

NextGen NPO’s provides expert consulting services to nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes.  We offer a complete range of customizable project-based services to ensure mission advancement that includes; program impact and effectiveness, organizational structure and culture, financial development/sustainability, operational relevancy, fundraising for annual, capital and endowment campaigns, Board development/training and CEO and Executive coaching.

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Ryan Smiley, Founder & CEO

Ryan Smiley has 20+ years of nonprofit leadership experience working with large federated nonprofit organizations.  He has demonstrated history and success in all facets of nonprofit executive leadership responsibilities including, but not limited to, program development, operations, financial management and sustainability, board governance, staff development, and fundraising for annual, capital and endowment campaigns.

In 2022, Ryan founded Next Gen NPO’s Consulting Group, LLC to assist other nonprofit CEO’s and organizations in achieving their mission, vision and goals.  Ryan’s nonprofit leadership philosophy revolves around a strategic and visionary approach to ensure financial sustainability, impact and relevancy.  

Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from the University of Tampa.  He has studied and earned certifications in nonprofit executive leadership from the Harvard Business School and the University of Notre Dame.

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Research and Analysis

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Expert Opinion

Next Gen NPO’s Consultants have 20+ years of experience and can offer a professional opinion to your Board and staff from a respected 3rd party perspective.

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